Easter on a Budget

Dyed eggs. Fluffy chicks. Family activities and candy galore. Ready for Easter? It’s hopping this way fast. Based upon the National Retail Federation (NRF) survey results over the past few years, Americans are forecast to spend around $156 per person on the Easter holiday in 2022. That’s a lot of money. And it’s spent on a lot of things like:

  • Candy – 89% of Americans plan to buy jelly beans, caramel eggs, chocolate bunnies, Peeps, candied almonds, Sweet Tarts, Cadbury Eggs and more
  • Food – 87% plan to buy groceries for Easter brunch or dinner
  • Gifts – 61% plan to buy presents for family and friends
  • Clothes – 48% plan to buy special outfits for the holiday

Of course, there’s also travel, decorations, pictures, cards, flowers and more. Clearly, Americans like to spend cash at Easter time. Here are some tips to avoid unexpected expenses and to help keep your holiday spending under control.

Make a Budget

What do you want to spend? What do you need to buy vs. want to buy? Create your line items and assign a budget for each. Be realistic. And remember: a budget that’s too small will fail fast. A budget that’s too big won’t save you a dime. Be honest with yourself about your income and your needs. Then, stick to the plan.

Turn Easter Dinner into a Potluck

Yes, it’s possible to be festive and frugal. If you’re hosting the main meal, make it a family affair. Splurge on a main dish, then assign the sides, bread, salad, drinks and dessert to everyone who’s attending. People like to feel involved in special occasions, and this checks that box. It also makes for a fun, varied and memorable meal.

Reuse Baskets

What’s the easiest way to overspend at Easter? Buying pre-filled, store-bought baskets. Instead, earmark baskets at home as your Easter baskets and use them year after year. Pick up Easter grass at the dollar store and fill the baskets yourself. They’ll feel more personal and save you a lot of cash.

Skip Buying Special Occasion Clothes for the Kids

Sure, those bunny-covered pants are adorable. And that seersucker dress with the crinoline skirt makes for a standout family Instagram post. But, will the kids wear those clothes again? Ever? Save the money. Go through their closet. Do they already own something that could work? Could you buy one practical item and add it to their existing wardrobe to create an outfit that would work for that one day?

Shop Sales

If you get your ducks in a row early (see what we did there?), you can save a lot of money by shopping sales a few weeks before the holiday. Or if you’re REALLY on the ball, buy decorations, Easter grass and non-perishable items on clearance after the holiday ends. Then, use those things the following year.

Don’t Turn It Into Christmas

Let Easter be about…Easter. Skip the presents. Gift your time instead. Focus on the celebration of the holiday. Dye eggs together. Organize a neighborhood egg hunt. Do a bunch of outdoor activities for kids. Eliminate the expectation that gifts will be received. The memories might be sweeter for it.

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