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LendNation offers a variety of instant cash loans and money services to get the cash you need fast, easy, and all in one place. Kansas residents can take out a line of credit online and in-store. We also offer payday loans in-store and online.

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*The figures shown above do not reflect a real line of credit account and are for general informational purposes only. Many factors can significantly increase your payment amounts, including draws and late payments.
Attention Customers: Credit options may differ online when compared in-store. The above tool is for lines of credit with 3% principal paydown¹ only and applies only to a single payment when the account’s principal balance is a specific amount. The tool is not an official payment schedule or a reflection of what all or any of your payments will be. Payment amounts may vary significantly each month depending on payments made, payment timing, funds drawn, and fees charged, including for late and returned payments. Lines of credit are open end in nature with no predetermined payoff date and must be paid each month until the balance is paid in full. See your contract and each monthly statement for details. Questions? Contact LendNation. ¹The principal paydown portion of each payment will vary slightly depending on the number of days in the payment period.
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Attention LendNation customers – our loan options may differ online when compared in store.
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    A payday loan is for when you need a little bit of cash to get to your next payday. Get cash quick and spend the shortest time in a loan.
  • Line of Credit

    A line of credit is for when you need a larger amount of money. Pay it off in set payments over time and you can borrow more money up to your approved limit.

Money Services

Check Cashing
Our convenient check cashing service doesn't require a bank account, so you can get your cash without the hassle. We have longer service hours than most banks and will cash all checks.
Instant Debit Card Funding
Get your money instantly on your debit card. When applying for a new loan or refinancing, both online and in-store, you can get fast cash with Instant Debit Card Funding.
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Fast Online Loans
We understand that unexpected things happen. That's why we're here to help the customers that we serve with our fast & easy online loans.
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Get the funding you need in Kansas by visiting a LendNation store near you. Our stores in Kansas offer payday loans, lines of credit, and more loan services. We have 26 stores across Kansas, including locations in Kansas City, Topeka, and Wichita. We also have online lending in Kansas and LendNation stores in 12 other states.