How to Save Money on Holiday Travel

Tips to Save Money

You’re hustling. You’re bustling. You’re booking flights and packing bags and reserving doggy daycare. It’s easy to get caught up in the frenzy of the holidays. It’s also easy to blow your budget when there are so many things to prepare for. Here’s a list of helpful tips to save money on travel. Use it and prevent turning “the most wonderful time of year” into the most expensive time of year.

Ship Your Presents

This is an easy way to save cash. Why pay $50 to check a bag of gifts on the plane? A lot of retailers offer free shipping, so plan to ship your presents ahead of time straight from the retailer. Pick up a roll of wrapping paper when you land and wrap your gifts at your destination.

Set a Budget

Research cheap places to travel or investigate cheap travel packages. Be realistic about what you plan to spend on things like airfare, dining out, exploring your destination, and accommodations. Then, stick to your budget. Already know your destination? Withdraw cash ahead of time to pay for things like dinner or museum tickets. You’ll be more aware of the money you’re spending when you’re counting out the bills.

Book Flights Early

Flying home for the holidays? Avoid the holiday price hikes. Buy your planetickets several months in advance. If possible, fly on a Tuesday or Wednesday. Historically, those are the cheapest days of the week to fly.

Be Flexible

If you don’t absolutely HAVE to travel on Saturday, keep your options open. You might keep a lot more money in your wallet by flying one or two days before or after your target date.

Use Points

Be wise about the credit cards you use on a day-to-day basis. Choose the ones with a generous loyalty program and even consider opening a travel savings card. Then, save those points with a plan to use them on airfare, hotels, or a rental car. The savings can be huge.

Negotiate Room Rates Directly with a Hotel

Online booking sites charge hotels a serious commission to broker their rooms. Up to 15%, in some cases. So, once you know what an online site will charge you for a room, call the hotel directly and ask for a reduced rate. You’ll be surprised how many will accommodate your request, just to avoid paying the brokerage fee.

Don’t Use Credit Cards with Foreign Transaction Fees

This one’s straightforward. Many credit cards charge you 3% (or more!) on top of your purchase, every time you swipe your card abroad. Save cash. Use cards that work for you (remember those points?) not against you.

Pack Food

Gas stations. Airport magazine shops. Rest stop vending machines. These are all target-rich environments for your hard-earned cash. Instead of grabbing a snack on the road, pack one (or nine) ahead of time. You’ll save cash and a ton of time when you’re traveling!

Carry a Water Bottle

This one’s a no-brainer. Aside from being better for the environment, a refillable water bottle can save you cash on the road. A lot of it.

Skip Drinks and Dessert

Eating out on vacation adds to the fun of the trip, just be mindful when you do it. Skip the expensive cocktails and desserts. Those items add up and can blow your budget in a flash.

Online Loans To Help Your Budget

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