5 Benefits of Short-Term Loans from LendNation

What Are the Different Types of Short-Term Loans?

At LendNation, we work to provide stress-free, short-term loan solutions for all types of borrowers with a wide variety of financial needs. No matter what your situation is, don’t let the stress of money challenges stop you from moving forward with your life. If you need help paying an unexpected expense or need help keeping up with your monthly expenses until your next paycheck, look at the short-term loans we offer at LendNation.

Payday Loans

If you find yourself short on cash that could be solved if you already had your next paycheck, a payday loan from LendNation might be the perfect solution. Approved applicants can typically borrow up to $500 at a time, with some able to borrow up to $1,000 at a time depending on what state you live in. With this option, you can have the cash you need when you need it – and pay off your loan when you receive your next paycheck. So, if you are looking for payday loans, take a moment to see if you qualify as a borrower with LendNation.

Installment Loans

Installment loans can be a good fit for borrowers who need anywhere from $100 to $4,000 and want to pay back their loan in monthly installments. Borrowers typically pay back their loan anywhere from 6 to 24-months, depending on their needs and qualifications. If you find yourself in a bind and need a little longer than your next paycheck to pay off your loan, an installment loan might be a better option than a payday loan.

Title Loans

Do you own your vehicle? If so, and your state offers them, a title loan might make the most sense to overcome your temporary financial issues. LendNation will typically allow you to borrow anywhere from $500 to $10,000+, with repayment plans that can range from 6-12 months (up to 36 months in qualifying states). In this scenario, you can use your car, truck, or SUV as collateral for your loan. Best of all, you get to keep driving your car while paying off your loan.

The Five Benefits of Short-Term Loans from LendNation

Short Term-Loan Benefit #1: Quick Online Application Process

At LendNation, no matter which kind of loan is right for you or available in your state, we make the application process quick and convenient. Whether you apply online or at one of our locations across the United States, we can help you understand the best type of loan for your needs – and help you quickly apply!

Short Term-Loan Benefit #2: Maintain Your Quality of Life

Unexpected financial challenges shouldn’t stop you from living the life you worked hard to achieve. With the benefits of short-term loans like the kind we offer at LendNation, you can overcome the stress of temporary situations with short-term loans that fit your lifestyle and budget. With a variety of loans offered in several states, you can certainly find ways to smooth out your circumstances without sacrificing your personal happiness.

Short Term-Loan Benefit #3: Flexible Repayment Options

At LendNation, we understand that every borrower has different needs and specific lending requirements. We have loan repayment options to fit the needs of many borrowers – no matter where you live or what your financial situation is. Our goal is to help you find a loan that fits your budget with flexible repayment options.

Short Term-Loan Benefit #4: Short-Term Loans Are More Attainable

Short-term loans are available for borrowers who have less-than-perfect credit, and for someone who doesn’t want the burden of a long-term loan. Even if you have little credit history or even no credit history, short-term loans such as online payday loans are designed to help you qualify for funding without the headaches and qualifications of longer-term loans. By paying off short-term loans you can also practice responsible budgeting while building up better credit.

Short Term-Loan Benefit #5: Quick Approval Process

At LendNation, we understand how quickly, and unexpectedly financial stress can occur. One minute you feel like everything is under control, and the next you are worried about a car or home repair. With our short-term loan options, you don’t have to worry about making it through temporary financial setbacks. We help borrowers through the loan application process as fast as possible to help reduce stress.

Discover the Right Short-Term Loan for You

At LendNation, we understand every borrower’s needs are different. We can help you quickly understand which options are available in your state, and help you determine the right one for your current situation.

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